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Every child, woman and man has an innate musical ability. This latent potential can be developed and nurtured for healthier and more enriching lifestyles. Research shows that a good music education stimulates creativity, builds confidence and enhances a child's all-round development. As adults they enjoy enhanced social recognition because of their ability to listen, read, play and express their feelings through music. For more than 50 years, Yamaha has been developing teaching courses for lessons at music schools for young and old alike. These teaching programs designed for a broad range of students including children, youths and adults are operated worldwide in Yamaha Music Schools.


  • Tuesday 10 AM–10 PM
  • Wednesday Closed
  • Thursday 10 AM–10 PM
  • Friday 10 AM–10 PM
  • Saturday 8:30 AM–7 PM
  • Sunday 8:30 AM–12:30 PM
  • Monday 10 AM–10 PM

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